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Pion Family!

My great great great great great grandparents came over to America in 1862. My great great great great great grandfather fought in the United States Civil War, and had his name changed to Andrew Jackson. He fought bravely and flew through the ranks to become a general. He then changed his name to Jean Yen Pion. He then moved to Canada and had seven children with Joan. After getting out of the armed forces, he raised his seven kids to be great people. Among these was my grandfather Jean Yen Pion Jr. He went on to get married to a lady named Joan From Portugal. They went on to have 3 children one of those to me my mom Lisa Marie Pion. She married one by the name of Don Dubaz Jr. They had kids together, one turned out to be and angel the other a devil. The Devil was born first he goes by the name of Don W. Pion, The angel being named Melissa Joan Dubaz.

Most of my family currently live in Canada and Rhode Island and the eastern and Southern part of the United States.