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Th!s iS HoW PeNc!LS ArE MadE!i!i!
1. Incense-cedar logs are cut into "Pencil Blocks."
2. Pencil Blocks are cut into "Pencil Slats."
3. Pencil Slats are treated with wax and stain.
4. A machine cuts grooves into the slats to accept the writing core (or "lead").
5. Writing cores -- made from a mixture of graphite and clay -- are placed into the grooves.
. 6. A second grooved slat is glued onto the first -- making a "sandwich."
7. The sandwich is machined into pencil shapes.
8. Individual pencils are cut from the sandwich, and are sanded smooth.
9. Each pencil is painted.
10. A ferrule and eraser are crimped into place on each pencil.

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